Artists' Profile

Lanta Gallery was established in 1999 by young blood artists from southern of Thailand with the extreme inspiration on their brush painted fulfill of power, confidential, and their soul, make every piece of master painting from this gallery have its own character, spirits and strong feels. Someone say "if you may need one of painting from any gallery, their background will present how their brushes are."

Mitree - Mitree - Mitree 43 ages Thai Nationality artist, 20 yrs. experienced on art, the funny man with the humor emotion almost all the time. This is his first impression character when people met him. Origin from southern part of Thailand. He started with 5 year at art & crafting college and 2 year in phuket university. and turned his field into painting for last 17 yrs. Abstract painting is his favorite this kind of art he said "this is the best way to present myself" how the best, because his unlimited imagination will bring you along the various of your master pieces you couldn't imagine.
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